The ASCO-GU event rationale is to provide Italian urologists with the most recent scientific evidences regarding diagnosis and treatment of urologic malignancies. ASCO-GU represents a real special meeting owing to the attendance of the top international experts in uro-oncology. A key aspect of the meeting is its multidisciplinarity, that at present is considered a crucial point in uro-oncology. Clinical oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists and urologists have discussed and presented all together the most recent pre-clinical and clinical studies conducted in the last year. The topics concerned: prostate cancer, bladder and upper urinary tract cancer, kidney cancer, testicular and penis cancer. Four Italian experts particularly involved in uro-oncology attended ASCO-GU 2018 held in San Francisco. Prof. Brausi (bladder and upper urinary tract cancer specialist), prof. Briganti (prostate cancer specialist), prof. Nicolai (testicular and penis cancer specialist) and prof. Volpe (kidney cancer specialist) attended in particular the specific programs in the different oncological areas and they will present to Italian urologists not only the most relevant news and innovations emerging from the US meeting but also the evidences they consider have the possibility to change the everyday clinical practice in urology.

SQUADRA RENE: Coordinatore: Alessandro Volpe
SQUADRA PROSTATA: Coordinatore:Alberto Briganti
SQUADRA VESCICA: Coordinatore: Maurizio Brausi



A. LAPINI- PROSTATE CANCER - Cytoreductive nephrectomy - is it worth doing it
​A. LAPINI- PROSTATE CANCER - The role of early hormonal manipulation and immunotherapy in CRPC
​A.ANTONELLI - new perspectives in the management of small renal masses
​A.BOSSI - advances in radiotherapy for prostate cancer
​A.BRIGANTI - prostate cancer
​A.NECCHI - BLADDER CANCER. Treatment of high-risk UTUC
​A.NECCHI - BLADDER CANER. Neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy. Current indications trials and patient selection
​F.FERRAU - KIDNEY CANCER - New options in the first line treatment of metastatic rcc
​F.PORPIGLIA - Terapia combinata e chirurgia imaging-guidata nel trattamento del carcinoma prostatico
​N.NICOLAI- O.DE COBELLI- G.ROSTI- S.SECONDINO- PENIS - testicle and uncommon cancer
​O.CAFFO - The role of early hormonal manipulation and immunotherapy in CRPC
​R. COLOMBO - Team vescica