Based on the great success of the 1st Edition of the “Going Beyond Oncology” held last year in Milan, the scientific committee is pleased to announce this 2nd edition with a two days residential course for young medical oncologists or students under their training in medical oncology. In the scenario of the target therapy era, the importance of the molecular cohoemprension of the tumor with regard to the new drugs is crucial. Healthcare is rapidly moving towards precision medicine, which offers a deeper understanding of human physiology using genetic insights and advances in technology. This is pivotal in alleviating unnecessary suffering related to medical care, due to unintended side effects which can result from the current one-size-fits-all approach. Precision medicine allows doctors to select treatments based on a genetic understanding of the patient’s disease, and to create personalized treatment plans. Patients have genetic changes that cause cancer to grow and spread, and these are very different for every patient across various stages. Currently, treatment may be a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy, depending on the type of cancer, its size and stage. Personalised medicines puts the patient in focus
and with genetic changes and characterization, precision medicine can help decide on specific personalized treatment plans, with certain drugs proving more effective for specific genetic profiles for any single patient. 
The course has the ambition to provide a deep insight into the new upcoming aspects of medical oncology along with the molecular profile of the tumor cells highlighting the concept of precision medicine in medical oncology. Through a condensed, high-standard educational programme, the aim is to motivate the attendees to work together and to participate actively to clinical-molecular knowledge and board.