window.location.reload(true) Program - EDA 2014 - 9TH Annual Meeting of the European Delirium Association



Dr David Meagher

from Limerick Univesity (Ireland). He is a distinguished researcher on the phenomenology of delirium.

"Delirium phenomenology"


Dr Sophia de Rooji

from University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands). She is an eminent researcher on geriatrics care and delirium.

 "The future of the pharmacological treatment of delirium"


Dr James Rudolph

from Harvard University (USA). He is an outstanding researcher on delirium in geriatric patients.

 "Changing delirium practice: challenges and opportunities".




- Dr Alessandro Padovani, University of Brescia, Italy. "Lewy body dementia and delirium"

- Dr Annemarie Oldenbeuving, St Elisabeth Hospital, the Netherlands. "Stroke and delirium"

- Dr Raffaele Manni, National Institute of Neurology, Italy. "The circadian rhythm in dementia patients"

- Dr Augusto Caraceni, Hospice, Palliative Care Unit, National Cancer Institute, Italy. "Management of pain and delirium in palliative care"

- Dr Philippe Voyer, Université Laval, Québec (Québec, Canada). "Delirium prevention program in long-term care"  

- Dr. Pratik Pandharipande, Vanderbilt University, Nashville (USA). "Posttraumatic stress disorder and delirium in critically ill patients".  

- Dr Arjen Slooter, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. "An advanced approach to the diagnosis of delirium. From bench to practice"  


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