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Palazzo Trecchi – Via Sebastiano Trecchi


Since 1494 and over the centuries Palazzo Trecchi has been symbolising power and prestige through its devotion to hospitality.
Throughout history it has become famous for being the abode of travelling princes, for among its walls, in the middle of the quiet and wealthy province, far away from the city trouble, important guests of the Duke of Milan used to entrust their stay to the experienced and noble care of the Trecchi family. Charles V, Federico Gonzaga, Christine of Denmark, Maximilian from Austria, Cardinal Medici are just few names among the renowned people who stayed at the palace during the golden age of Renaissance, turning the core of Cremona into a refined small court. In the middle of the 19th century the Trecchi family decided to redecorate the palace: neo-classical decorations, elegant pillars and precious ceiling are still visible in most of the rooms open to public. When the present owner decided to bring the palace back to its original splendour, the possibility of welcoming visitors like in the past has been taken into consideration, trying not to disappoint anyone’s expectations about its magnificence. A mere visit to the area which was designed in order to gain comfortable meeting-rooms will give the opportunity to view the original Renaissance decorations, whose details have been carefully looked after during the renovation, combined with sophisticated technological plants audio-visual installations and air conditioning.

Stay in the palace in the present means receiving the same refined hospitality the guests in the past were offered. Large and small meeting rooms, where 10 to 200 seating places can be available, enable Palazzo Trecchi to satisfy needs for small seminars and big receptions. A highly trained staff is always at everyone’s disposal at Palazzo Trecchi to fulfil promptly any desire: from the selection of particular spaces to the best technological solutions, or to give the required help on any restaurant service, where guests can be offered international cuisine or dishes from the rich local cuisine. The geographical position of Cremona can be a reason for selecting Palazzo Trecchi for meetings and receptions.

We can now recommend that you enjoy the historical heart of this province, which perhaps has still to be discovered just like the famous guests of the past used to do.


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