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9th Annual Meeting of the European Delirium Association

November 6th - 7th, 2014

 Cremona (Italy)

We are delighted to announce that our 9th Annual Meeting will be held in Cremona, an ancient city in the northern part of Italy and in the southern part of Europe. The program will cover the latest advances in clinical practice and delirium research, from diagnosis to management and clinical implementation.

Cremona laying on the banks of the river Po, Cremona has been playing a leading role in the Italian history and culture since the Roman times .Its central position in the Po floodplain and the presence of the great river made it a main junction for trade and commerce. As was customary in the past, important cities for trade were destined to become ideal places for the development of art and culture.

In this way Cremona , rich in works of art, became a perfect cultural capital for arts and music. Thanks to music and in particular to the art of making stringed instruments, Cremona is a unique place in the world. It's the hometown to renowned musicians and composers like Claudio Monteverdi and Amilcare Ponchielli , after whom the theatre has been named. Cremona is above all a city in violin clef : the tie with the art of making stringed instruments is very old and inseparable from it.

Therefore, passion, interest and curiosity can be the hint to an unusual visit following the echo of the notes. This special journey , historical and sentimental at the same time, enables you to come to know Cremona through the quality of its emotions, which here have a particularly fine and fair hue, though pervading and intimately enthralling. The Town Hall is, together with the Torrazzo, the symbol of the city.

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