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Violin Museum of Stradivari

We are also happy to inform you that on Saturday November 8th there will be the great opportunity to visit the world known violin museum of Stradivari.  Small group will also have the chance to visit a workshop of a luthier in Cremona. At the conference site you will find all the details and the instructions for the visit.


Cremona lutherie reached its peak in the history of the violin around mid of the 16th century, thanks to the skilled art of master luthier, Andrea Amati. At first a mere builder of lutes, Amati moved on to violins, introducing their production in Cremona and establishing the stylistic foundations of the instrument. Stradivari, Bergonzi, Guarneri and Ruggeri were just some of the violin maker households who created a unique production over 300 years. Antonio Stradivari, perhaps the most famous of all luthiers in Cremona, rose to a domineering role in 1680 in the production of luxury instruments. His violins became synonymous of perfection and their features a shared standard of lute-making, so much that they influenced the artistic development of nearly all violin makers.