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In a world where the demand for food is quickly growing, the quality and quantity produced by agriculture may ensure the health of billions people. However, modern agriculture is also capable of causing resource depletion and environmental pollution. Despite major social, cultural, ecological and demographic relevance, rural areas are largely neglected by research and social protection. Rural inhabitants are suffering from an evident gap in quality of life, sanitation, income, and distribution of social protection and economic benefits, including occupational health protection and service. The International Congress on Rural Health calls all international experts in rural health, along the lines already defined by the World Health Organization in the “Health for All” program. The main objectives are to reinforce Primary Health Care and Occupational Health services in the rural sector as the way to achieve universal health service coverage, and to integrate Occupational Health services within Primary Health Care. All main stakeholders involved in rural health will be present, and with them the main international organizations active in the sector.  Moreover, Milan, center of the Lombardy Region, will host the 2015 Universal Exhibition “Energy for Life, Feeding the Planet”, during which rural agriculture will be strongly highlighted. Participation in this event will be a unique opportunity to visit EXPO 2015 and participate in the global debate on agriculture in rural areas.